1st Spanish manufacturer of Pilates equipment / Second hand material available, contact us!1st Spanish manufacturer of Pilates equipment / Second hand material available, contact us!


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Bonpilates, as manufacturer of Pilates Equipment gets the philosophy and quality for the development of its products from the same foundations The Method does.

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Bonpilates quality

Bonpilates equipment manufacturing is based on structures with highest levels of quality, ergonomics, security and innovation.


The concept of Quality is understood in its broadest sense, since the creation of Bonpilates equipment begins with the detection of needs that are analyzed by a highly involved technical and human group, with the will to improve the quality of its products. BONPILATES team answers those needs by looking actively for the best materials, the way to apply them and adapt those materials to both the user and the instructor, thereby producing the best results.


The meticulous and detailed analysis of all the movements and actions performed when practicing the Pilates method enables BONPILATES to create products that adapt in every moment to the needs, capacities and abilities of clients and instructors alike. We collaborate with the IBV (Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia- Valencia Biomechanics Institute) in order to maximize the ergonomic characteristics of the equipment we manufacture.


BONPILATES products are planned and developed under strict comprehensive safety parameters. BONPILATES products offer safety to the instructor and the user alike, eliminating all the elements that are potentially dangerous, whether performing exercises, or whether assembling or handling the product. The safety of BONPILATES products is an intrinsic element of our company’s philosophy, which boasts various certifications and patents recognized at the European level.


Innovation and continuous improvement are fundamental principles of BONPILATES corporal development.</p> <p>For our clients, investment in R&D projects as well as the BONPILATES team’s strong involvement is a guarantee of a top-quality, highly innovative product with on-going assistance. Our patents of the “ADPATER” system, implemented in the towers of both the Cadillac and the Reformer and in our foot-bar, are the fruit of our focus on R&D.

Professional equipment

Philosophy at Bonpilates

Bonpilates creates Equipments which are thoughts to get adapted to the needs of each person.

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Bonpilates History

The philosophy, the organization of work and the quality of Bonpilates products are born from the same fundamentals as those of the Pilates Method.

Joseph Pilates had one need: strengthen his health. In all his physical activities, he noticed deficiencies. He compensated for them by combining various elements which, when put together, would produce the desired effect.

Bonpilates founder faced a similar problem and started trying the discipline with the Pilates equipment available in the market at that time, and became a person who entrust their physical and mental wellbeing to this global discipline.

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Its daily practice led him to discover a series of functional and safety deficiencies in the equipment used. Indeed, in most cases, he was confronted with equipment that used methods of the 70s to solve technical problems to which a precise, modern, technical solution can nowadays be found.

Bonpilates creates and develops its products thanks to the extensive experience of the people who make up the team, with full awareness of the market’s needs, and manufactures products that perfectly adapt to the final users, and not the reverse. BONPILATES currently relies on R&D programs that are capable of detecting deficiencies and bringing professional solutions to the Pilates method world.

Our products and services are different because of the high level of personal involvement and care that every member of BONPILATES family gives every day. Our personal experiences in the health and sports world are reflected in the development of the most comprehensive equipment on the market, designed for your own convenience.

Ethical Code

Get to know the principles and values that make up Bonpilates’ organisational culture.

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Why Bonpilates?

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Fast service

Within 48 hours (on selected products).

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The 1ST. Spanish manufacturer of Pilates equipment

We are the pioneers in manufacturing Pilates devices. Our philosophy, organization of work and quality born with the same fundamentals as those of the Pilates Method.

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You can customize the upholstery of your devices to make them completely to your liking.

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Choose the payment plan that best suits your needs and purchase your equipment with total comfort.

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Made in Spain

All the manufacturing process of our devices is carried out in Spain, being a 100% national product.