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Bonpilates S.L. commits to offer its direct guarantee as manufacturer and seller over all our long-lasting Equipments, according with written in Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, de 16 de noviembre, por el que se aprueba el texto refundido de la Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios y otras leyes complementarias. Corresponding to the law, Bonpilates S.L. offers whole life guarantee over all the stretcher frames (aluminum or wood), which constitute the main structure of: Reformer; Cadillac; Chair and Barrel. In addition to that, Bonpilates S.L. offers 2 years guarantee over all other equipments and accessories that we manufacture.

For exercising this right to warranty, client must show the invoice corresponding to the purchase. For that, client must send an email to the following address serviciotecnico@bonpilates.com, explaining the event occurred, and showing documents or pictures regarding to this.

It is excluded from the guarantee coverage, all those stretcher frames which have been manipulated or modified by other agents than Bonpilates and without our consent; as well as all those articles and Equipments whose defects have been produced due to a careless use or misuse. The products grouped under the name “Small Equipment” are also excluded from the guarantee.



Bonpilates S.L, on its commitment with the professional world of Pilates, promises to provide our support to all our clients, managing all issues related with their purchases, and working for reaching the highest level of efficiency along all the experience between Bonpilates S.L. and the client.

Bonpilates S.L. offers a 15 days period for returning the Equipments in those cases when the client is not satisfied with the purchase; the equipment was not chosen correctly; or the client has changed her mind. The returning of the goods must be done under the following conditions,

  • You must proceed with the return of the equipments inside the first 15 days.
  • You must keep the original packages during the Returning term. In case of returning, those packages will be needed.
  • Bonpilates S.L. will manage the pick up of the goods for bring them back to our warehouse. Anyway, client can organize the transport by their own means.
  • Transport cost for returning the goods, will be assumed by the client.
  •  Once we receive the Equipments, Manufacturing Department will check the right status of the returned Equipments, and after they certify it, Bonpilates will send back the money to the client, deducting transport cost.

In case the reason of returning is the faulty status of the Equipments,

  • If the defect appears at the moment of receiving the Equipments by the client, Bonpilates S.L. will send a new one or give back the whole amount of the purchase. For that, it will be needed the client sends an email to serviciotecnico@bonpilates.com, within 48 hours after the receiving.
  • If the imperfection appears later, Bonpilates Team will analyze the case and act according to the result of the analysis. 

In both cases Equipments or accessories must be sent back to the company for their meticulous analysis. To proceed with the reimbursement, you will need to communicate it to Bonpilates Sales

Department, within period and terms previously indicated, to the following phone numbers or email address:

  • 637 02 97 48 – comercial@bonpilates.com
  • 666 58 18 36 – comercial2@bonpilates.com

Return policy does not infringe at any case the Warranty Right neither the Desisting Right.


For the right maintenance of the Equipments, it is necessary to follow the instructions written below:

  • Upholstery must be clean only with water and a microfibre cloth after using It.
  • For stains which cannot be removable with water, use one small spoon of powder or liquid washing detergent mixed with 2 liters of water and a nonscratching scouring pad.
  • Springs must be replaced each two years for guarantee their tension and their safety.
  • Wheels must be clean and lubricated periodically for allowing the carriage to slide correctly and smoothly.
  • Regulatory springs bar must be clean and lubricated periodically for allowing its correct functioning.
  • Reformer rails must be clean and lubricated periodically for allowing the wheels to slide correctly and smoothly along the structure.
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