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Pilates Towers and Wall Units

Bonpilates offers you Wall Units as well as Towers to adapt to the Reformer standard height.

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A pilates trapeze has a tower eqquipped with a rotating bar, wich allows you to perform different exercises to stretch and increase the flexibility of the body. It is used to complement floor or mat exercises, since it has common elements with the Cadillac that are placed in a column on one side of the mat.

As usual way, it is recommended that a pilates sessions be largely devoted to the use of machines, devoting about a quarter of an hour to the use of the trapeze. Therefore, it is recommended to combine the practice on the floor with that of Pilates on machines for greater benefit.


Although threy are complementary, the truth is that the work on the trapeze for Pilates or tower and that done on the floor have some differences:

The Trapeze for Pilates offers the possibility of performing a greater repertoire of exercises than what can be done by training only on the floor or mat.
Work on the ground is more demanding, since it is necessary to have more control and awareness of the body since it i constantly exercising against gravity.
The Trapeze for Pilates helps to better understand the exercises, provides containment and assistance. This makes it suitable for people who are new to the world of Pilates, although the idea is to repeat the tower exercises on the ground once they have been assismilated.

Injuries/pathologies. The Pilates trapeze allows injured people to have greater control over weakened areas during the session. However, on the mat you can know the strength and control of the body over the affected area.
Possibility of practicing it.Floor Pilates accesories are more readily available and allow you to practice almost anywhere. By contrast, the Pilates trapeze is more expensive and cannot be moved from its location.
Specific needs.The exercices that can be done on the floor are much more general than those offered by the trapeze, more aimed at improving elasticity, muscle toning or treating some type of injury.

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