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Pilates Equipment

Pilates Equipment for Professionals and Individuals

Catalogue of Pilates equipment for professionals and individuals. We share the concept of quality of life which is achieved through the fair practice of the Pilates method and the development of the three dimensions – physical, psychological and mental – that make it up.

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It carries a balanced body, healthy and always under the control of the mind.

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It is the result of the other two, since a balanced physique and mind improve our real image as well as social interactions.

icono psicologico - Pilates Equipment


It is reaffirmed with the increase in self-esteem and the decrease and control of anxiety.

The Pilates Method is a global concept, a physical activity that goes beyond a simple passing fad: it is a way of understanding life, a ``concept of life``. At Bonpilates we value the physical and mental benefits of Pilates and its ability to help people improve their quality of life.

We offer the best equipment for the practice of the Pilates method thanks to our daily commitment to research and development of new elements, materials and manufacturing techniques. In addition, we ensure that our products and services meet the highest standards of quality, safety, ergonomics and innovatio

At Bonpilates, we are committed to continuous improvement and constant evolution of our products and services. We believe that pilates is a way to develop a greater ability to face the challenges of everyday life with more confidence and serenity, and we strive to make our products and services reflect this philosophy.

Frequently Asked Questions


The equipment needed to practice Pilates on the ground or mat is less than what is needed to train on a machine, so it is practiced by more people. The most common Pilates items to complete a soil session are:

  • Mattress. Also called mats, they are thicker than yoga mats, which provides additional cushioning for exercises performed with the back.
  • Training ball or “fitball”. They offer many possibilities for work of balance and coordination, endurance, stability of posture, improvement of strength and flexibility.
  • Exercise bands. Also called resistance bands, they can be tubular (oriented to rehabilitation) or flat (more common and with more possibilities of use). Their function is to provide resistance during toning exercises.
  • Rolls. They are rigid foam cylinders. They are used to warm up and activate deep muscles. Therefore, they are also used for balance and strengthening exercises.
  • Rings. This is one of the instruments for Pilates used by those people who are at a more advanced level of the method. They are used to activate and work the muscles, increasing the intensity of Pilates exercises.

The use of devices in the development of the Pilates method is very beneficial for those who have not practiced it before or who are at a more essential level. Instead of performing exercises based on the fight against gravity, Pilates instruments guide the body to perform the exercise in the best possible way.

Similarly, for those who practice Pilates continuously and have an intermediate or advanced level, the machines are a challenge due to the possibility of incorporating loads, angles and springs that increase the difficulty of the exercises. Another advantage is the possibility of adding accessories, to exercise a greater number of muscles and add intensity to the training.

Finally, Pilates devices have a positive influence on the rehabilitation of injuries as well as on the improvement of the psychomotricity of people with reduced mobility, due to the capacity of adaptation that Pilates instruments have and the control and regulation that is exerted on the body from the beginning to the end of the training.


The following machines are one of the basic Pilates equipment available in a studio:

  • Cadillac. It is a kind of bed with a metal structure at the top of which hang several elements that make it possible to perform dozens of variants of exercises. It is a fundamental material to work the balance, the control, and the postural re-education.
  • Chair. It is a kind of bench with pedals attached by means of several springs, which can be removed or put on to decrease or increase resistance, and lateral supports to climb on it. It is the accessory for Pilates used to rebalance the musculature par excellence, and is especially beneficial for those who spend a lot of time standing in their day to day.
  • Barrel. It has a half cylinder structure, and is formed by wooden steps on one side with different heights, and a semi-cylindrical support on the other. This allows the body to arch and exercise the spine. In addition, it is recommended to stretch the muscles and improve body posture.
  • Reformer. It consists of a kind of bed with rails on which a flat platform slides and has several grips that open a wide range of possibilities for exercises.

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Within 48 hours (on selected products).

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We are the pioneers in manufacturing Pilates devices. Our philosophy, organization of work and quality born with the same fundamentals as those of the Pilates Method.

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You can customize the upholstery of your devices to make them completely to your liking.

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Choose the payment plan that best suits your needs and purchase your equipment with total comfort.

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Made in Spain

All the manufacturing process of our devices is carried out in Spain, being a 100% national product.