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Universal Line

Classical Pilates Equipment for professional and private use

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Balanced and healthy body, always under the mind control.

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It gets reaffirmed with the raise of the self-esteem and reduction of the anxiety.

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It comes from the mix of the previous two dimensions. Developed and control body and mind improve our image and our relationships.

At Bonpilates The Pilates Method is a global concept, a physical activity beyond a simple trend: a way for understanding life.

We set at your disposal the best equipment for your Pilates studio and we want to highlight thanks to the big efforts we dedicate to the research and development phase.<br /> Bonpilates moves forward everyday under solid principles of quality, safety, ergonomics and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Classical Pilates?

Classic Pilates is a program of slow and controlled exercises that are developed in a certain order and in a fluid way. The main objective is the improvement of muscular balance, flexibility and precision, due to the fact that a great technical conscience is required for its practice. The base of the Classic Pilates is called center because the movement of the body is always produced from its nucleus, which serves to stabilize and generate energy for movement. From a stable center the necessary control is obtained for the practice of the Original Pilates and to find it, the concentration is fundamental. The part of the spine is the most important in Classic Pilates, seeking mobility and stability. The continued practice of this method can correct postural problems. The breathing has a fundamental role, since the correct execution of an exercise depends on the coordination of the movement with the adequate breathing.

  • Body postural improvement. In Classic Pilates, the muscles of the back and abdomen are mainly worked. With continued practice, the back becomes stronger and as a consequence, you walk more upright.
  • Improves sleep cycles. A session of Traditional Pilates in addition to toning, relaxes the body. The only condition is to allow time for the body to assimilate the exercises and reach the state of rest.
  • It serves as a complementary training. Pilates is a perfect practice to complement cardio activities aimed at losing calories such as running, swimming or cycling.
  • Provides personal knowledge. The connection between body and mind is one of the fundamental objectives of Classic Pilates. Its practice brings awareness of one’s own body, experiencing its limits.
  • Order and transition. In Classic Pilates the exercises are carried out following a sequential and systematic order with fluid transitions between one and the other. On the contrary, in its evolution, this hierarchy can change from one session to another and the exercises are taught separately.
  • Sequence. In Classical Pilates, the sessions have a progressive introduction, development and outcome, while in the evolved Pilates the exercises are carried out as most appropriate for the person practicing it or the instructor.
  • Level of concentration. Focused on the movement, the series and transitions, the Original Pilates requires to keep the mind calm. On the other hand, in Contemporary Pilates you lose that concentration when you stop between exercises.
  • Development of resistance. The Classic Pilates works on a system of linked movement, which improves the resistance of the body. On the contrary, in the evolved system the exercises are performed in a fragmented way, which focuses on improving other physical conditions such as flexibility.

Why Bonpilates?

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Fast service

Within 48 hours you will get your order at home.

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The 1ST. Spanish manufacturer of Pilates equipment

We are the pioneers in manufacturing Pilates devices. Our philosophy, organization of work and quality born with the same fundamentals as those of the Pilates Method.

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You can customize the upholstery of your devices to make them completely to your liking.

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Choose the payment plan that best suits your needs and purchase your devices in total comfort.

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Made in Spain

All the manufacturing process of our devices is carried out in Spain, being a 100% national product.

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